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Graduate Colloquium Series

Fall 2014 Schedule

Wednesdays 12-1pm
203C Natural Sciences Bldg.
(unless otherwise noted)
Pizza served for attendees


October 1:  Meet & Greet/Talk Poll

October 8: Summer Recap - Tales from the Field, the Lab, and Conferences (by several EEBB graduate students)

November 5:  Sarah Collins (post doc in the Department of Fisheries and Wildlife)
Title:  “Understanding the effects of light and consumers on stream food webs using stable isotopes”

November 19:  Carina Baskett (graduate student in the Department of Plant Biology)
Title:  “Latitudinal variation in biotic interactions in pokeweed”

December 3: Kari Dammerman (graduate student in the Department of Zoology)
Title:  "Genetic and environmental influences on larval lake sturgeon development"