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II. Program Components/Plan Options

The EEBB Program offers a dual-major Ph.D. or a Master’s (plan A or B) certification. The specific EEBB programmatic requirements for these degrees are listed below in the Degree Requirements section.

Other requirements set forth by each student’s home department will also apply, and these must also be met in order to obtain either the EEBB dual-major Ph.D. or Master’s certification. In particular, the student should be aware that the format, requirements, and expectations for comprehensive and qualifying exams may vary among participating departments, as may also the requirements for written or oral presentation of a research proposal. Also, the extent to which the EEBB Program’s course requirements may fulfill some of the course requirements in the graduate student’s home department varies considerably among participating departments.

EEBB-affiliated graduate students should therefore inquiry with their home departments about departmental requirements and expectations including information on the following topics: an official plan of study; selecting a thesis or dissertation advisor; formation of a guidance committee; the structure and content of comprehensive and qualifying exams, including research proposals; periodic review of student academic performance; and the format of the thesis or dissertation defense and final oral exams.

The various sections in this EEBB Graduate Handbook that address these and other matters can provide only those requirements, expectations, or guidelines that are specific to the EEBB program. As such, they supplement but do not supplant the information in the Graduate Handbook for each student’s home department.