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V. Formation of the Guidance Committee

Graduate students in the EEBB Program who are Ph.D. candidates must have at least two EEBB faculty members on their guidance committee. One EEBB faculty member must serve as the student's Ph.D. advisor. Master’s candidates pursuing a certification from EEBB must have at least one EEBB faculty member on their guidance committee. The EEBB program is a multidisciplinary program, and it encourages its students to form guidance committees that offer a diversity of perspectives, with faculty members chosen from two or more participating departments.

The procedures and expected time line for formation of the guidance committee for an EEBB graduate student are set by the student’s home department. Each department also sets out the requirements and expectations with respect to the frequency and reporting of student meetings with the guidance committee, the role of the committee in exams, and so on. Every EEBB student is encouraged to consult with the Graduate Handbook for their home department on these matters. In general, it is good practice that the committee be formed as early as feasible in the student’s career, and that the student meet with his or her committee on an annual basis.