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Research Support

The research done by Ecology, Evolutionary Biology and Behavior Program faculty is supported by grants from agencies such as National Institutes of Health, National Science Foundation (including an NSF Long Term Ecological Research LTER site in agroecosystems at KBS), U.S. Department of Agriculture, and U.S. Department of Energy; the Michigan Agricultural Experiment Station; and other state and local agencies and foundations. Nearly all faculty who participate in the EEBB program have external funding from one or more federal or state agencies.

In addition to departmental and college support, research funding is received from federal and state agencies, foundations, corporations, industry associations and individuals. On-campus funds for research also are provided by the Agricultural Experiment Station, the Division of Engineering Research and the All-University Research Initiative Grants Program. Supportive facilities for research include the 4,000,000 volume library, a computer center, the Laboratory Animal Care Service, Beal Botanical Gardens, Beal-Darlington Herbarium and the MSU Museum.