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The Faculty and their Research

Christoph C. Adami
Professor; Ph.D., SUNY, Stony Brook, 1991.
Evolution of Behavior and Intelligence.
E-mail: adami at msu.edu

Jared G. Ali
Assistant Professor; Ph.D., Florida, 2011.
Chemical ecology, plant-insect-nematode interactions, agroecology.
E-mail: alijared at msu.edu

James R. Bence
Professor; Ph.D., California, Santa Barbara, 1985.
Quantitative fishery ecology.
E-mail: bence at msu.edu

Gregory Bonito
Assistant Professor; Ph.D., Duke, 2009.
Fungal ecology, fungal-plant interactions, evolution of bacterial endosymbiosis.
E-mail: bonito at msu.edu

Janette Boughman
Associate Professor; Ph.D., Maryland, 1997.
Behavioral and evolutionary ecology; mechanisms of speciation.
E-mail: boughman at msu.edu

Mary T. Bremigan
Associate Professor; Ph.D., Ohio State, 1997.
Aquatic ecology and fisheries management.
E-mail: bremigan at msu.edu

Lars A. Brudvig
Assistant Professor; Ph.D., Iowa, 2007.
Restoration, landscape, and plant ecology.
E-mail: brudvig at plantbiology.msu.edu

Jiquan Chen
Professor; Ph.D, Washington, 1991.
Ecosystem Analysis, Landscape Ecology, Conservation Biology, Biophysics, Global Change Ecology, Coupled Human and Natural Systems, Land Use.
E-mail: jqchen at msu.edu

Kendra S. Cheruvelil
Associate Professor; Ph.D., Michigan State, 2004.
Aquatic ecology, landscape limmology, exotic species, applied ecology, macrophytes.
E-mail: ksc at msu.edu

Sophan Chhin
Assistant Professor; Ph.D., University of Alberta, Canada, 2008.
Climate change adaptation, fire ecology, forest disturbance ecology, forest restoration ecology, global change ecology, tree ecophysiology.
E-mail: chhin at msu.edu

Martin Chilvers
Assistant Professor; Ph.D., University of Tasmania, Australia, 2003.
Fungal and oomycete biology, epidemiology, genetics, host-pathogen interactions; diseases of field crops; molecular diagnostics.
E-mail: chilvers at msu.edu

Anthony Cognato
Associate Professor; Ph.D. California, Berkeley, 1998.
Insect Systematics and Director of the A.J. Cook Arthropod Research Collection.
E-mail: cognato at msu.edu

Jeffrey K. Conner
Professor; Ph.D., Cornell, 1987.
Evolutionary ecology, ecological genetics.
E-mail: conner at kbs.msu.edu

Yuehua Cui
Professor; Ph.D., Florida, 2005.
Statistical genetics, bioinformatics, longitudinal data analysis.
E-mail: cui at stt.msu.edu

Kyla Dahlin
Assistant Professor; Ph.D., Stanford, 2012.
Quantitative landscape ecology, remote sensing, Earth system modeling, global change.
E-mail: kdahlin at msu.edu

Frank B. Dazzo
Professor; Ph.D., Florida, 1975.
Microbial ecology, rhizobium-legume symbiosis.
E-mail: dazzo at msu.edu

Thomas Dietz
Professor; Ph.D.,California, Davis, 1979.
Human ecology and cultural evolution.
E-mail: TdietzVT at aol.com

Yann Dufour
Assistant Professor; Ph.D., Wisconsin, Madison, 2010.
Social behavior of bacteria.
E-mail: dufourya at msu.edu

Fred C. Dyer
Professor; Ph.D., Princeton, 1984.
Ethology and behavioral ecology.
E-mail: fcdyer at msu.edu

Diane Ebert-May
Professor; Ph.D., Colorado.
Science education; plant ecology.
E-mail: ebertmay at msu.edu

Patrick Edger
Assistant Professor; Ph.D., Missouri, 2012.
Phylogenomics, Comparative Functional Genomics, Systems Biology.
E-mail: edgerpat at msu.edu

Heather L. Eisthen
Associate Professor; Ph.D., Indiana, 1992.
Neuroethology; evolutionary and developmental neurobiology.
E-mail: eisthen at msu.edu

Bryan K. Epperson
Professor; Ph.D., California, Davis, 1983.
Population genetics and molecular and forest genetics.
E-mail: epperson at msu.edu

Sarah E. Evans
Assistant Professor; Ph.D., Colorado State, 2012.
Microbial community ecology, ecosystems, global change.
E-mail: evanssa6 at msu.edu

Andrew O. Finley
Associate Professor; Ph.D., Minnesota, 2006.
Methodology for monitoring and modeling environmental processes; Bayesian statistics; spatial statistics; and statistical computing.
E-mail: finleya at msu.edu

Maren L. Friesen
Assistant Professor; Ph.D., UC, Davis, 2008.
Legume-rhizobium symbiosis, ecological and evolutionary genomics, plant-microbiome interactions, coevolution.
E-mail: mfriesen at msu.edu

Stuart H. Gage
Professor Emeritus; Ph.D., Michigan State, 1974.
Insect population dynamics and human dimensions.
E-mail: gages at msu.edu

Jason Gallant
Assistant Professor; Ph.D., Cornell, 2011.
Neuroethology, genomics, animal communication.
E-mail: jgallant at msu.edu

Thomas Getty
Professor and Chair, Zoology; Ph.D., Michigan, 1980.
Behavioral ecology of vertebrates.
E-mail: getty at kbs.msu.edu

Frederick Gifford
Professor; Ph.D., Pittsburgh, 1984.
Philosophy of biology; ethical and social issues concerning science.
E-mail: gifford at msu.edu

Erik Goodman
University Distinguished Professor; Ph.D., Michigan, 1972.
Genetic algorithms and evolutionary computation.
E-mail: goodman at egr.msu.edu

Michael D. Gottfried
Associate Professor; Ph.D., Kansas, 1991.
Vertebrate paleontology.
E-mail: gottfrie at msu.edu

Matthew Grieshop
Associate Professor; Ph.D., Kansas State, 2005.
Community and population ecology, animal behavior.
E-mail: grieshop at msu.edu

Katherine L. Gross
University Distinguished Professor; Ph.D., Michigan State, 1980.
Plant population and community ecology.
E-mail: kgross at kbs.msu.edu

Robert A. Haack
Adjunct Professor; Ph.D., Florida, 1984.
Plant-insect interactions; invasion ecology; conservation biology.
E-mail: haack at msu.edu

Donald J. Hall
Professor Emeritus; Ph.D., Michigan, 1962.
Aquatic population and community ecology.
E-mail: donhall at msu.edu

Stephen K. Hamilton
Professor; Ph.D., California, Santa Barbara, 1994.
Biogeochemistry and aquatic ecology.
E-mail: hamilton at kbs.msu.edu

James F. Hancock
Professor; Ph.D., California, Davis, 1977.
Physiological and evolutionary genetics of plants.
E-mail: hancock at msu.edu

Daniel Hayes
Professor; Ph.D., Michigan State, 1990.
Fish community and population interactions.
E-mail: hayesdan at msu.edu

Richard W. Hill
Professor; Ph.D., Michigan, 1970.
Ecological Physiology; marine sulfur metabolism.
E-mail: hillr at msu.edu

Robert K. Hitchcock
Adjunct Professor; Ph.D., New Mexico, 1982.
Development/applied anthropology, human ecology, human rights, Africa.
E-mail: hitchc16 at msu.edu

Kay E. Holekamp
University Distinguished Professor and Director of EEBB; Ph.D., California, Berkeley, 1983.
Behavioral ecology; ethology and behavioral endocrinology.
E-mail: holekamp at msu.edu

Zachary Huang
Associate Professor; Ph.D., Guelph, 1988.
Behavioral physiology, insect sociobiology.
E-mail: bees at msu.edu

Marianne Huebner
Associate Professor; Ph.D., Southern California, 1993.
Statistical Genetics, Microarray Analysis, Ecological Models, Biological Networks, Stochastic Differential Equations.
E-mail: huebner at stt.msu.edu

Rufus Isaacs
Professor; Ph.D., Imperial College (London), 1994.
E-mail: isaacsr at msu.edu

Julius H. Jackson
Professor and Associate Dean, The Graduate School; Ph.D., Kansas, 1969.
Microbial physiology & genetics; bacterial gene & genome evolution.
E-mail: jhjacksn at msu.edu

Andrew M. Jarosz
Associate Professor; Ph.D., Purdue, 1984.
Evolutionary ecology of plant-pathogen interactions.
E-mail: amjarosz at msu.edu

Ning Jiang
Associate Professor; Ph.D., University of Georgia, 2002.
Transposable elements and their impact on genome evolution.
E-mail: jiangn at msu.edu

Michael L. Jones
Professor; Ph.D., British Columbia, 1986.
Fish population dynamics and management.
E-mail: jonesm30 at msu.edu

Christopher Klausmeier
Associate Professor; Ph.D., Minnesota, 2000.
Theoretical and aquatic ecology.
E-mail: klausme1 at msu.edu

Karen L. Klomparens
Dean, Graduate School, Assistant Provost and Professor; Ph.D., Michigan State, 1977.
Plant host/parasite relations, electron microscopy.
E-mail: kklompar at msu.edu

Michael J. Klug
Professor Emeritus; Ph.D., Iowa, 1969.
Microbial ecology, ecology of anaerobic bacteria.
E-mail: klug at kbs.msu.edu

Richard K. Kobe
Professor and Chair, Forestry; Ph.D., Connecticut, Storrs, 1995.
Forest ecology.
E-mail: kobe at msu.edu

Douglas A. Landis
Professor; Ph.D., North Carolina State, 1987.
Landscape ecology and biological control.
E-mail: landisd at msu.edu

Jennifer A. Lau
Associate Professor; Ph.D., U. of California, Davis, 2005.
Evolution and community ecology.
E-mail: jenlau at msu.edu

Richard E. Lenski
Hannah Distinguished Professor of Microbial Ecology; Ph.D., North Carolina, 1983.
Experimental evolution with microbes and digital organisms.
E-mail: lenski at msu.edu

Weiming Li
Professor; Ph.D., Minnesota, 1994.
Fish chemoreception and chemical ecology.
E-mail: liweim at msu.edu

Catherine Lindell
Associate Professor; Ph.D., Harvard, 1994.
Behavioral and landscape ecology.
E-mail: lindellc at msu.edu

Elena Litchman
Associate Professor; Ph.D., Minnesota, 1997.
Ecology and evolution of phytoplankton, community ecology, aquatic ecology.
E-mail: litchman at msu.edu

Jianguo (Jack) Liu
Rachel Carson Chair in Ecological Sustainability and University Distinguished Professor; Ph.D., Georgia, 1992.
Coupled human and natural systems, telecoupling, sustainability, conservation, environment.
E-mail: liuji at msu.edu

David Lowry
Assistant Professor; Ph.D., Duke, 2010.
Plant Evolutionary Genomics, Adaptation, and Speciation.
E-mail: dlowry at msu.edu

Barbara L. Lundrigan
Associate Professor; Ph.D., Michigan, 1988.
Phylogenetics; evolution of behavior and morphology.
E-mail: lundriga at msu.edu

David W. MacFarlane
Associate Professor; Ph.D., Rutgers, 2001.
Forest measurements and modeling.
E-mail: macfar24 at msu.edu

Carolyn M. Malmström
Associate Professor; Ph.D., Stanford, 1997.
Ecosystem & landscape dynamics, restoration ecology, remote sensing.
E-mail: carolynm at msu.edu

Terence L. Marsh
Associate Professor; Ph.D., Massachusetts, Amherst, 1981.
Microbial community analysis.
E-mail: marsht at msu.edu

Brian A. Maurer
Professor and Director, CSTAT; Ph.D., Arizona, 1984.
Macroecology, biogeography, quantitative population and community ecology.
E-mail: maurerb at msu.edu

Deborah G. McCullough
Professor; Ph.D., Minnesota, 1990.
Forest entomology, insect ecology.
E-mail: mccullod at msue.msu.edu

Philip K. McKinley
Professor; Ph.D., U. of Illinois, 1989.
Distributed computing; digital evolution; ecosystem monitoring.
E-mail: mckinle3 at msu.edu

Haddish Melakeberhan
Associate Professor; Ph.D., Simon Fraser, 1986.
Agricultural Nematology.
E-mail: melakebe at msu.edu

Richard W. Merritt
University Distinguished Professor; Ph.D., California, Berkeley, 1974.
Aquatic entomology and ecology.
E-mail: merrittr at msu.edu

Joseph Messina
Professor; Ph.D., North Carolina, Chapel Hill, 2001.
Spatial models, environment, applied climate change.
E-mail: jpm at msu.edu

Jessica R. Miesel
Assistant Professor; Ph.D., Ohio State, 2009.
Fire ecology, forest ecology and management; restoration ecology; biogeochemistry; intersections between ecology and environmental justice.
E-mail: mieselje at msu.edu

Kelly F. Millenbah
Associate Professor and Associate Dean, CANR; Ph.D., Michigan State University, 1997.
Restoration Ecology; Endangered Species Management.
E-mail: millenba at msu.edu

James R. Miller
Professor; Ph.D., Pensylvania State, 1975.
Behavioral and physiological aspects of insect ecology.
E-mail: miller20 at msu.edu

Gary G. Mittelbach
Professor; Ph.D., Michigan State, 1980.
Community ecology and aquatics.
E-mail: mittelbach at kbs.msu.edu

Cheryl A. Murphy
Associate Professor; Ph.D., Louisiana State, 2006.
Environmental toxicology.
E-mail: camurphy at msu.edu

Peter G. Murphy
Professor Emeritus; Ph.D., North Carolina, Chapel Hill, 1970.
Plant ecology.
E-mail: murphyp at msu.edu

Patrick M. Muzzall
Professor; Ph.D., New Hampshire, 1978.
E-mail: muzzall at msu.edu

Carlos D. Navarrete
Associate Professor; Ph.D., California, Los Angeles, 2004.
Evolutionary psychology of morality and intergroup relations.
E-mail: cdn at msu.edu

Antonio A. Nunez
Associate Dean, Graduate School and Professor; Ph.D., Florida State 1977.
Biological rhythms, hormone and reproductive behaviors.
E-mail: nunez at msu.edu

Charles A. Ofria
Professor; Ph.D., California Institute of Technology, 1999.
Evolution of biocomplexity, computational evolving systems.
E-mail: ofria at msu.edu

Nathaniel Ostrom
Professor; Ph.D., Newfoundland, 1992.
E-mail: ostromn at msu.edu

Peggy H. Ostrom
Professor; Ph.D., Newfoundland, 1990.
Biogeochemical cycling.
E-mail: ostrom at msu.edu

Jen Owen
Assistant Professor.
Ecology of infectious diseases, behavioral ecology, ecoimmunology.
E-mail: owenj at msu.edu

Scott Peacor
Associate Professor; Ph.D., Michigan, 1992 & 2000.
Population & community ecology, ecological & ecosystem modeling, aquatic ecology.
E-mail: peacor at msu.edu

Robert T. Pennock
University Distinguished Professor, Lyman Briggs College; Ph.D., Pittsburgh. 1991.
Philosophy of biology; evolutionary computation; history & philosophy of science; science & values.
E-mail: pennock5 at msu.edu

William F. Porter
Boone and Crockett Chair of Wildlife Conservation; PhD., Minnesota, 1979.
Wildlife Ecology.
E-mail: porterw at anr.msu.edu

L. Alan Prather
Associate Professor and Director, MSU Herbarium; Ph.D., Texas at Austin, 1995.
Plant systematics and evolution of floral morphology.
E-mail: alan at msu.edu

G. Philip Robertson
University Distinguished Professor; Ph.D., Indiana, 1980.
Ecosystem and agricultural ecology.
E-mail: robertson at kbs.msu.edu

Gary J. Roloff
Associate Professor; Ph.D., Michigan State, 1994.
Ecological community responses to disturbances; landscape-level modeling, planning, and assessments.
E-mail: roloff at msu.edu

Joan B. Rose
Homer Nowlin Endowed Chair of Water Research; Ph.D., Arizona, 1985.
Environmental microbiology.
E-mail: rosejo at msu.edu

David E. Rothstein
Associate Professor; Ph.D., University of Michigan 1999.
Ecosystem ecology.
E-mail: rothste2 at msu.edu

Ashlee Rowe
Assistant Professor; Ph.D., North Carolina State, 2004.
Neuroethology, coevolution, genetics and physiological bases of adaptive traits.
E-mail: roweashl at msu.edu

Matthew Rowe
Professor; Ph.D, University of California, Davis.
E-mail: rowemat1 at msu.edu

Orlando Sarnelle
Professor; Ph.D., California, Santa Barbara, 1992.
Biological limnology, ecology.
E-mail: sarnelle at msu.edu

Douglas W. Schemske
Hannah Distinguished Professor; Ph.D., Illinois, 1977.
Speciation; mechanisms of adaptation.
E-mail: schem at msu.edu

J. Mark Scriber
Professor Emeritus; Ph.D., Cornell, 1975.
Evolutionary ecology of insect-plant interactions.
E-mail: scriber at msu.edu

Kim L. Scribner
Professor; Ph.D., Georgia, 1992.
Population genetics, population ecology and conservation biology.
E-mail: scribne3 at msu.edu

Ashley Shade
Assistant Professor; Ph.D., Wisconsin, 2010.
Ecology and evolution of microbial communities.
E-mail: shadeash at msu.edu

Shin-Han Shiu
Associate Professor; Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2001.
Evolution of Genomes.
E-mail: shius at msu.edu

Laura Smale
Professor; Ph.D., California, Berkeley, 1987.
Animal behavior and its physiological substrates.
E-mail: smale at msu.edu

James J. Smith
Professor; Ph.D., Michigan State, 1985.
Molecular systematics and evolution.
E-mail: jimsmith at msu.edu

Sieglinde S. Snapp
Professor; California, Davis, 1991.
Managed ecosystems and agricultural ecology.
E-mail: snapp at msu.edu

Richard Snider
E-mail: snider at msu.edu

Patricia Soranno
Professor; Ph.D., Wisconsin, Madison, 1995.
Limnology and ecosystem ecology.
E-mail: soranno at msu.edu

R. Jan Stevenson
Professor; Ph.D., Michigan, 1981.
Algal ecology; aquatic ecology; environmental science.
E-mail: rjstev at msu.edu

Zsofia Szendrei
Assistant Professor; Ph.D., Michigan State, 2005.
Insect ecology, chemical ecology, biocontrol.
E-mail: szendrei at msu.edu

Ralph E. Taggart
Professor; Ph.D., Michigan State, 1971.
Botany, paleobotany, palynology.
E-mail: taggart at msu.edu

William W. Taylor
University Distinguished Professor; Ph.D., Arizona State, 1978.
Fish population and community dynamics.
E-mail: taylorw at msu.edu

Frank W. Telewski
Professor; Ph.D., Wake Forest, 1983.
Developmental tree ecophysiology.
E-mail: telewski at msu.edu

James M. Tiedje
University Distinguished Professor; Ph.D., Cornell, 1968.
Microbial ecology.
E-mail: tiedjej at msu.edu

Richard E. Triemer
Chair, Plant Biology and Professor; Ph.D., North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 1975.
Algal cell biology, phylogeny and systematics.
E-mail: triemer at msu.edu

Jean I. Tsao
Associate Professor; Ph.D., Chicago, 2001.
Ecology and evolution of disease organisms.
E-mail: tsao at msu.edu

Sean A. Valles
Assistant Professor; Ph.D., Indiana University, 2010.
Philosophy of biology and medicine.
E-mail: valles at msu.edu

Juli Wade
University Distinguished Professor and Chair, Psychology; Ph.D., Texas, Austin, 1992.
Sex differences in brain and behavior.
E-mail: wadej at msu.edu

Michael Wagner
Associate Professor; Ph.D., Georgia, 2004.
Behavioral and community ecology of fishes.
E-mail: mwagner at msu.edu

Edward D. Walker
Professor; Ph.D., Massachusetts, 1984.
Medical entomology.
E-mail: walker at msu.edu

Michael B. Walters
Associate Professor; Ph.D., Minnesota.
Functional ecology of plants; forest community ecology.
E-mail: mwalters at msu.edu

Christopher M. Waters
Assistant Professor; Ph.D., Minnesota, 2002.
Evolution of cooperative behavior in bacteria.
E-mail: watersc3 at msu.edu

Mark E. Whalon
Professor; Ph.D., Pennsylvania State, 1979.
Agricultural pest management.
E-mail: whalon at msu.edu

Barry L. Williams
Assistant Professor; Ph.D., Illinois, 2001.
Evolutionary biology and ecological genomics.
E-mail: barryw at msu.edu

Scott Winterstein
Chair, Fisheries and Wildlife and Professor; Ph.D., New Mexico State, 1985.
Wildlife population dynamics.
E-mail: winterst at msu.edu

Catherine Yansa
Associate Professor; Ph.D., Wisconsin, Madison, 2002.
Quaternary paleoenvironments; plant geography; people-environment; paleoethnobotany.
E-mail: yansa at msu.edu

Phoebe Zarnetske
Assistant Professor; Ph.D., Oregon State, 2011.
Community ecology, spatial ecology, climate change, species distribution modeling, ecosystem services, invasive species.
E-mail: plz at msu.edu

Elise Zipkin
Assistant Professor; Ph.D., Maryland, 2012.
Mathematical and statistical modeling; population and community ecology; biodiversity monitoring.
E-mail: ezipkin at msu.edu

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