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The Faculty and their Research

Organisms Studied -- Microbes

Core EEBB faculty

Jared G. Ali Chemical ecology, plant-insect-nematode interactions, agroecology.

Frank B. Dazzo Microbial ecology, rhizobium-legume symbiosis.

Maren L. Friesen Legume-rhizobium symbiosis, ecological and evolutionary genomics, plant-microbiome interactions, coevolution.

Richard E. Lenski Experimental evolution with microbes and digital organisms.

Elena Litchman Ecology and evolution of phytoplankton, community ecology, aquatic ecology.

Terence L. Marsh Microbial community analysis.

G. Philip Robertson Ecosystem and agricultural ecology.

James M. Tiedje Microbial ecology.

Christopher M. Waters Evolution of cooperative behavior in bacteria.

Barry L. Williams Evolutionary biology and ecological genomics.

Additional faculty

Julius H. Jackson Microbial physiology & genetics; bacterial gene & genome evolution.

Michael J. Klug Microbial ecology, ecology of anaerobic bacteria.

Joan B. Rose Environmental microbiology.

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