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The Faculty and their Research

Organisms Studied -- Digital

Core EEBB faculty

Christoph C. Adami Evolution of Behavior and Intelligence.

Andrew O. Finley Methodology for monitoring and modeling environmental processes; Bayesian statistics; spatial statistics; and statistical computing.

Erik Goodman Genetic algorithms and evolutionary computation.

Richard E. Lenski Experimental evolution with microbes and digital organisms.

Philip K. McKinley Distributed computing; digital evolution; ecosystem monitoring.

Joseph Messina Spatial models, environment, applied climate change.

Charles A. Ofria Evolution of biocomplexity, computational evolving systems.

Robert T. Pennock Philosophy of biology; evolutionary computation; history & philosophy of science; science & values.

Phoebe Zarnetske Community ecology, spatial ecology, climate change, species distribution modeling, ecosystem services, invasive species.

Additional faculty

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