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The Faculty and their Research

Research Areas -- Evolution

Core EEBB faculty

Christoph C. Adami Evolution of Behavior and Intelligence.

Gregory Bonito Fungal ecology, fungal-plant interactions, evolution of bacterial endosymbiosis.

Janette Boughman Behavioral and evolutionary ecology; mechanisms of speciation.

Anthony Cognato Insect Systematics and Director of the A.J. Cook Arthropod Research Collection.

Jeffrey K. Conner Evolutionary ecology, ecological genetics.

Fred C. Dyer Ethology and behavioral ecology.

Patrick Edger Phylogenomics, Comparative Functional Genomics, Systems Biology.

Heather L. Eisthen Neuroethology; evolutionary and developmental neurobiology.

Bryan K. Epperson Population genetics and molecular and forest genetics.

Maren L. Friesen Legume-rhizobium symbiosis, ecological and evolutionary genomics, plant-microbiome interactions, coevolution.

Jason Gallant Neuroethology, genomics, animal communication.

Thomas Getty Behavioral ecology of vertebrates.

Michael D. Gottfried Vertebrate paleontology.

Katherine L. Gross Plant population and community ecology.

James F. Hancock Physiological and evolutionary genetics of plants.

Kay E. Holekamp Behavioral ecology; ethology and behavioral endocrinology.

Zachary Huang Behavioral physiology, insect sociobiology.

Andrew M. Jarosz Evolutionary ecology of plant-pathogen interactions.

Ning Jiang Transposable elements and their impact on genome evolution.

Jennifer A. Lau Evolution and community ecology.

Richard E. Lenski Experimental evolution with microbes and digital organisms.

David Lowry Plant Evolutionary Genomics, Adaptation, and Speciation.

Barbara L. Lundrigan Phylogenetics; evolution of behavior and morphology.

Brian A. Maurer Macroecology, biogeography, quantitative population and community ecology.

Philip K. McKinley Distributed computing; digital evolution; ecosystem monitoring.

Cheryl A. Murphy Environmental toxicology.

Carlos D. Navarrete Evolutionary psychology of morality and intergroup relations.

Charles A. Ofria Evolution of biocomplexity, computational evolving systems.

Robert T. Pennock Philosophy of biology; evolutionary computation; history & philosophy of science; science & values.

L. Alan Prather Plant systematics and evolution of floral morphology.

Ashlee Rowe Neuroethology, coevolution, genetics and physiological bases of adaptive traits.

Matthew Rowe

Douglas W. Schemske Speciation; mechanisms of adaptation.

J. Mark Scriber Evolutionary ecology of insect-plant interactions.

Kim L. Scribner Population genetics, population ecology and conservation biology.

Ashley Shade Ecology and evolution of microbial communities.

Shin-Han Shiu Evolution of Genomes.

James J. Smith Molecular systematics and evolution.

Jean I. Tsao Ecology and evolution of disease organisms.

Christopher M. Waters Evolution of cooperative behavior in bacteria.

Barry L. Williams Evolutionary biology and ecological genomics.

Catherine Yansa Quaternary paleoenvironments; plant geography; people-environment; paleoethnobotany.

Additional faculty

Thomas Dietz Human ecology and cultural evolution.

Donald J. Hall Aquatic population and community ecology.

Julius H. Jackson Microbial physiology & genetics; bacterial gene & genome evolution.

Ralph E. Taggart Botany, paleobotany, palynology.

Richard E. Triemer Algal cell biology, phylogeny and systematics.

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