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The Faculty and their Research

Research Areas -- Behavior

Core EEBB faculty

Christoph C. Adami Evolution of Behavior and Intelligence.

Jared G. Ali Chemical ecology, plant-insect-nematode interactions, agroecology.

Janette Boughman Behavioral and evolutionary ecology; mechanisms of speciation.

Yann Dufour Social behavior of bacteria.

Fred C. Dyer Ethology and behavioral ecology.

Heather L. Eisthen Neuroethology; evolutionary and developmental neurobiology.

Jason Gallant Neuroethology, genomics, animal communication.

Thomas Getty Behavioral ecology of vertebrates.

Matthew Grieshop Community and population ecology, animal behavior.

Robert K. Hitchcock Development/applied anthropology, human ecology, human rights, Africa.

Kay E. Holekamp Behavioral ecology; ethology and behavioral endocrinology.

Zachary Huang Behavioral physiology, insect sociobiology.

Weiming Li Fish chemoreception and chemical ecology.

Catherine Lindell Behavioral and landscape ecology.

Barbara L. Lundrigan Phylogenetics; evolution of behavior and morphology.

Gary G. Mittelbach Community ecology and aquatics.

Cheryl A. Murphy Environmental toxicology.

Carlos D. Navarrete Evolutionary psychology of morality and intergroup relations.

Antonio A. Nunez Biological rhythms, hormone and reproductive behaviors.

Jen Owen Ecology of infectious diseases, behavioral ecology, ecoimmunology.

Robert T. Pennock Philosophy of biology; evolutionary computation; history & philosophy of science; science & values.

Ashlee Rowe Neuroethology, coevolution, genetics and physiological bases of adaptive traits.

Matthew Rowe

Laura Smale Animal behavior and its physiological substrates.

Zsofia Szendrei Insect ecology, chemical ecology, biocontrol.

Juli Wade Sex differences in brain and behavior.

Michael Wagner Behavioral and community ecology of fishes.

Additional faculty

Thomas Dietz Human ecology and cultural evolution.

Donald J. Hall Aquatic population and community ecology.

William F. Porter Wildlife Ecology.

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