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The Faculty and their Research

Research Areas -- Environment and Applied

Core EEBB faculty

Jared G. Ali Chemical ecology, plant-insect-nematode interactions, agroecology.

James R. Bence Quantitative fishery ecology.

Gregory Bonito Fungal ecology, fungal-plant interactions, evolution of bacterial endosymbiosis.

Mary T. Bremigan Aquatic ecology and fisheries management.

Lars A. Brudvig Restoration, landscape, and plant ecology.

Jiquan Chen Ecosystem Analysis, Landscape Ecology, Conservation Biology, Biophysics, Global Change Ecology, Coupled Human and Natural Systems, Land Use.

Kendra S. Cheruvelil Aquatic ecology, landscape limmology, exotic species, applied ecology, macrophytes.

Sophan Chhin Climate change adaptation, fire ecology, forest disturbance ecology, forest restoration ecology, global change ecology, tree ecophysiology.

Martin Chilvers Fungal and oomycete biology, epidemiology, genetics, host-pathogen interactions; diseases of field crops; molecular diagnostics.

Kyla Dahlin Quantitative landscape ecology, remote sensing, Earth system modeling, global change.

Patrick Edger Phylogenomics, Comparative Functional Genomics, Systems Biology.

Sarah E. Evans Microbial community ecology, ecosystems, global change.

Andrew O. Finley Methodology for monitoring and modeling environmental processes; Bayesian statistics; spatial statistics; and statistical computing.

Stuart H. Gage Insect population dynamics and human dimensions.

Erik Goodman Genetic algorithms and evolutionary computation.

Stephen K. Hamilton Biogeochemistry and aquatic ecology.

Richard W. Hill Ecological Physiology; marine sulfur metabolism.

Michael L. Jones Fish population dynamics and management.

Douglas A. Landis Landscape ecology and biological control.

Elena Litchman Ecology and evolution of phytoplankton, community ecology, aquatic ecology.

Jianguo (Jack) Liu Coupled human and natural systems, telecoupling, sustainability, conservation, environment.

Carolyn M. Malmström Ecosystem & landscape dynamics, restoration ecology, remote sensing.

Joseph Messina Spatial models, environment, applied climate change.

Jessica R. Miesel Fire ecology, forest ecology and management; restoration ecology; biogeochemistry; intersections between ecology and environmental justice.

Kelly F. Millenbah Restoration Ecology; Endangered Species Management.

Cheryl A. Murphy Environmental toxicology.

Nathaniel Ostrom Biogeochemistry.

Peggy H. Ostrom Biogeochemical cycling.

G. Philip Robertson Ecosystem and agricultural ecology.

Gary J. Roloff Ecological community responses to disturbances; landscape-level modeling, planning, and assessments.

Orlando Sarnelle Biological limnology, ecology.

Douglas W. Schemske Speciation; mechanisms of adaptation.

Kim L. Scribner Population genetics, population ecology and conservation biology.

Ashley Shade Ecology and evolution of microbial communities.

Sieglinde S. Snapp Managed ecosystems and agricultural ecology.

R. Jan Stevenson Algal ecology; aquatic ecology; environmental science.

Zsofia Szendrei Insect ecology, chemical ecology, biocontrol.

William W. Taylor Fish population and community dynamics.

James M. Tiedje Microbial ecology.

Jean I. Tsao Ecology and evolution of disease organisms.

Edward D. Walker Medical entomology.

Mark E. Whalon Agricultural pest management.

Scott Winterstein Wildlife population dynamics.

Catherine Yansa Quaternary paleoenvironments; plant geography; people-environment; paleoethnobotany.

Phoebe Zarnetske Community ecology, spatial ecology, climate change, species distribution modeling, ecosystem services, invasive species.

Elise Zipkin Mathematical and statistical modeling; population and community ecology; biodiversity monitoring.

Additional faculty

Thomas Dietz Human ecology and cultural evolution.

Robert A. Haack Plant-insect interactions; invasion ecology; conservation biology.

Haddish Melakeberhan Agricultural Nematology.

William F. Porter Wildlife Ecology.

Joan B. Rose Environmental microbiology.

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